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Project Summary

As a time management tool, Timeful is a natural application to be used on a watch.

Timeful's forthcoming watch experience is comprised of several components, each with its own design language:

  1. The Watch App:  A version of the Timeful iOS application optimized for the new watch.
  2. The Glance:  The glance is accessed by swiping up on the homescreen. It offers a quick one-page summary of contextually relevant information.
  3. Notifications:  A push notification is experienced differently on a phone versus a watch. We'll be able to make use of images and more accessible action buttons.

My Role

I'm thrilled to be leading the product, interaction, and visual design of the watch application. I am working closely with two front-end engineers who will be implementing the design. We're also coordinating with several data scientists and backend engineers to run large-scale experiments on effective push notifications that will be offered on the watch.